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“Get Your Praise On (4x)
Come On and Wave Your Hands
Get Your Praise On
Come On and Do Your Dance
Get Your Praise On

Come on let’s celebrate the HOLY ONE who lives
He is the GREAT I AM the only KING OF KINGS
Lift your voice and sing unto the sky
Shout unto the Lord
Praise His Name On High”

​Lyric Excerpt
"Get Your Praise On"
​by Alicia LaShawn

“I never imagined that purpose would be revealed through such pain
I had to transform my way of thinking to see all the things I would gain
God made me a promise that it would all work out for my good
I traded my will for His desires to walk in all I deserve

He gave me a Life Makeover
My God will make all things new
His love is everlasting
He will do the same for you!”

Lyric Excerpt 
"Life Makover"
​by Alicia LaShawn