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Women on the Move For God

Representing God the Kingdom Way

I encourage you to get all that God has in store for you! You can be and accomplish whatever you set out to achieve. No matter what, Jesus Christ is the end all BE ALL. Wherever you are and no matter where you go, because of Christ, your gift will make room for you. Be the best that you can be at all times. When you see and feel the weight of this world crashing down -  keep going, don't stop dreaming, and continue to believe God in everything. He will always deliver on what He has promised." 

​-Alicia LaShawn

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Who are the Kingdom Divas? The Women of God that know their purpose and are influential go-getters who walk in integrity. She's dependable, confident and takes care of her responsibilities. Kingdom Divas do everything with style and grace while glorifying God. She supports and empowers other women through her gifts. They are women with Godly morals and standards. Kingdom Divas will not compromise their position or character to meet worldly expectations.